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Piper’s Magazine Feature
N8483R Was featured in Piper’s Magazine, check it out:

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How fast is a 1966 Piper Cherokee 140?
Well, to answer that question… lets look at ground speed (GS on the GPS):

Of course, this is probably a more accurate answer:

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EKP-IV GPS and Cosmetic Improvements
I started making small improvements right away after getting her home:

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Powerflow Exhaust
I had been wanting this for years and finally bit the bullet when I saw a good sale come along.  I also liked this “Short Stack” version a lot more than the longer classic version. While in there I replaced all hoses, fuel lines, oil lines, and SCAT tubing.  I was able to save some money by doing the install myself and having my IA do the final inspection and sign off.

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What started out as me wanting to just replace the carpet, ended with me having a completely new interior thanks to my friend Ron Matta at Aviations Creations.  He was as excited as me to work the project.  He was amazing!

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Arizona Aircraft Painting at KFFZ Did an amazing job. This was only the 4th plane they painted, so I think they were showing off their capabilities with my plane. I got EXACTLY what I wanted.

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A few panel photos
These photos are how the panel looked when I purchased her in 2004
Of course she was perfectly flyable, but this was MY plane… so some changes were in short order.

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Purchasing N8483R
I bought her in December 2004 after having my ASEL Pilots License for two years and renting a multitude of aircraft from local FBO’s.   There were so many issues with renting for a weekend and/or flying at night without an IFR Ticket.   Restrictions all over the place!  The insurance companies mainly got the blame, but it still sucked for a new pilot!  I got my license for the freedom, and then found out I had very little, without my own aircraft.
I got on and found this beauty.  With only these two photos (Yes these are the actual size)  and a few calls to the owners in Texas, I decided to fly over and have a look.
I basically told them, if it was airworthy and legal… It was going home with me.

These are photos from the flight home from Pearland, Texas
My friend Zoltan went with me and made for a wonderful copilot!


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