About N8483R

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My name is Sean Gallagher, I became a Private Pilot in 2002.  What I quickly found out, is that renting was not for me.  All of the freedom that I wanted, while dreaming about becoming a pilot, was not there while I was a renter.  There were so many restrictions about night flying, mountain flying, weekend vacations, etc…   So I started looking at ownership.   In 2004 I found a plane that struck a chord with me and the timing was right, the money was in place and I was able to make it happen.

Cherokee N8483R is the 1966 Piper aircraft that I purchased.  I found her on Trade-A-Plane.com and these were the only 2 photos I had to go on.

Hard to tell what’s going on in here…

I flew down to see her after a few phone calls and was determined, that if she was airworthy, she was going home with me.  One test flight with an instructor and I was hooked.  Love at first flight, you could say.  From my training in Cessna’s this thing felt like a sports car.  The wings were short and stubby, I remember thinking on the first flight.  But she was the platform I was looking for.

Within these pages you can see a lot of the love and money…that has gone into her.

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