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Red light Ticket

So the other day, I had to work late & got hassled by the cops on the way home (around 12:30 at night).  They were just looking for DUI suspects & my car makes a good target for them.  But instead of letting me go when they learned that I wasn't drunk, they gave me a ticket for their fabricated reason for pulling me over  "Running a red light"
Well, that just wasn't right, so I fought it in court.  
Here is the Recorded Transcript of the hearing. It's in a MP3 Format so feel free to download the file.  (Spoiler- I won!)

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 Manuals and Documentation (right click and choose "save as")
 Description File Type File
 2006 Ford Mustang Owners Manual PDF
 Trinity Comprehensive User Manual PDF
 Viper 5701 Alarm Manual PDF
 AVH-3200BT Head Unit PDF

Photo Gallery


Until I have some cool Mustang vids, here's one of me spinning my Cherokee.

Mod Gallery

My new Ford Racing engine!

M-6009-A463SC Aluminator

Fox Lake CNC Ported Heads

Stage 2 Ported & Polished Stock 3v Heads

Kenne Bell 2.4 Supercharger

I just had to get the polished one!

Kenne Bell Ad

Sorry for the small size, the point is the advertised HP rating of 523 here is CRANK HP.

3.73 Rear Gears

I thought they were going to make a bigger difference than they did.

Zero Degree Plugs

Needed for the Supercharger

Pro 5.0 Shifter

A lot stronger than Stock & has absolute stops, so you can slam it hard without damaging anything.

Offroad X Pipe

Too Loud, I have switched to a Catted Long tube header setup.

Magazine Dyno Tests of My Longtube Headers


Cat-back, side exaust system

Digital Boost Gauge

A/V Head Unit

This one got stolen!

Dyno Charts

Mustang Dyno - June 26th 2006 - SVC Motorsports - Scottsdale, AZ
These are with the stock 4" 8psi 2.4L Kenne Bell w/ no other mods.

Kenne Bell Pulley Chart

Expected Dyno

My first Dyno Ever!

Are these always dissappointing?

These are from the first day of the blower install.  This shop didn't have the experience to recognize that the torque curve didn't look right I guess.  354hp/338tq

Pretty far from KB's claims! but I bought into the excuses.

Dyno Dynamics - July 17th 2008 - Dyno-Comp - Scottsdale, AZ
These are with the stock 4" 8psi 2.4L Kenne Bell & 3.73 Gears

Air/Fuel Ratio

Dyno Settings

Horsepower vs Boost

Horsepower vs Torque

Obviously a hot day,  but I really didn't buy into all the "Correction Factor" numbers they were throwing at me. This sure looks like 367hp/331Tq to me!

This reinforces orig. Dyno #'s

DynoJet - August 4th 2009 - PSR - Phoenix, AZ
These are with the 3.5" 11.5psi 2.4L Kenne Bell & 3.73 Gears


This is what I was running at when she threw 2 rods out of the side of the stock block

AMP Performance - April 17th 2009 - Dyno-Comp - Phoenix, AZ
These are with the 3.5" 11.5psi 2.4L Kenne Bell & 3.73 Gears

First run on new engine

Current dyno chart as of June 9th, 2010

1st one is out of tune. 2nd one is with LongTubes & 3 3/8" Pulley & Tuned.

Picked up 56hp and 64# of torque.

If my calculations are correct, that's 583 hp & 565 #Tqe.
...as a car mfg would market it.


Just an Apples to Apples comparison Derived from the KB Chart and My Dyno's
The Data in Red is my current setup. This is really for my reference & was only true before the headers, as I am at 495 with the 3 3/8ths".

Pulley Size Lbs KB Crank HP Diff Belt Size My RWHP My Crank HP
4 8.5 481     402.05 473
  9 494 13   413.1 486
3.75 10 507 13   424.15 499
  10.7 515 8   430.95 507
3.5 11.5 524 9   438.6 516
3 3/8 12.5 537 13 122.3" 449.65 529
3.25 13.5 551 14   461.55 543
  14.5 561 10   470.05 553
3 15.5 571 10   478.55 563
  16 579 9   486.2 572
2.75 17 587 8   493 580
  18.2 592 5   497.25 585
2.5 19.5 601 9   504.9 594

Engine Rebuild

Well, I destroyed the stock engine at the levels indicated on August 4th's dyno above.
--------------------------It lasted 5 months with 525 crank hp----------------------
So here are the details of the Rebuild:

Part #




Forged Terminator cranks, Manley H-beam rods and Mahle pistons in an aluminum block



3 Valve Fox Lake Stage 2 Ported & Polished Heads w/Bronze Guides, Comp Cams springs & shipping



Head Gaskets


ARP 156-4101

ARP HEX Stud Kit



BBR Cam Phaser Lockouts



Mustang Prolite Flywheel-Steel-8 bolt



Clutch (566 Torque)


28 Hrs Labor

Engine Install (remove old & move everything to the new)



Stock oil Pan (used)



Shop Supplies



Zero Degree Sparkplugs



Timing Chain Tensioner



Gasket Kit






Part #




Bassani Longtube Headers Ceramic Coated



Bassani Power X Crossover for Longtubes



Diablo Trinity


Dyno Tune

Labor & Skill



Labor for Headers install


KB Pulley

3 3/8" Pulley


Serp. Belt.

122.3" from KB







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