Back          Exterior Interior Engine Modifications


Switches & Fuses

Lots of changes!

Refurbished Radio Face

Touched up with Paint

Replaced Transponder Face

Replaced with the same.

Master Switch Safety Cover

Packard cleaned up & G-meter location

Shoe Polished the Age-spots

Old Fuse Panel & Switches

Switches at the day of purchase.

Air Scoop Removed

Superclock Location

Old Switches & Fuses

Need to backlight gauges

Repainted with SEM paint

Replaced Transponder Face (old photo)

NuLite install on Tach

NuLite On Switch

New Fuse Holder Covers

NuLites at Dusk

Car CD Player, later exchanged for MP3 Player

Traffic Scope VRX

Seat Cover & Refurbish

Refurbished Fuel Selector No Photos yet

Seat Cover

Resurfaced Glove-box

Lots fixed here... (before)

Glove Box Door

Glove Box Door

Back Side Glove Box Door

How did this get in here?

TrafficScope VRX mounted in Panel

Glove Box (after)

Full Panel

Refurbished Radio & TrafficScope VRX Mounted

Refurbished Radio

Need to Cover

Rear Seats

Full Panel


Old Photo

Fuse Panel, Radio & TrafficScope

Avmap EKP-IV

Starting to look pretty good!

Panel before I bought her.