Top Gun Cherokee Meteor Crater Spin - Front View Spin - Wing View Goldwater Range


1966 Piper Cherokee 140 - N8483R

I've owned her for 6 years now.  From the day I got her I was doing everything I could to restore her to like-new.  She's come a long way!
Before Renovations              After Renovations


Mustang GT

Blood, Sweat, Tears... I've been there with this machine.  I recently replaced the engine with a very strong Ford Racing Engine.  This car can beat my plane quite easily in a straight line, but she's got 4X the horsepower of the Cherokee.

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Scuba Diving

An entire site devoted to the trips I've taken to see below the surface of the oceans.  You can see my photography experience level increase through the dives.  It's a Gadget rich hobby & all the equipment I dive with is in here.

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Motorcycling - Warrior 1700cc

This is more of a Blog that chronicles the modifications I have made to my Yamaha Warrior XV1700 motorcycle.  It's a repository of manuals & settings so I can look back and reference things when I need to.

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